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Recently Completed Project- Play/Agility Obstacles

2021 Project for the Small Dog Park is completed.

Cranberry Township Parks & Recreation Department partnered with local Boy Scout Paul DePaula Jr. to construct agility obstacles for the smaller dogs to enjoy.  All of these obstacles will be moved to the new site location for the dog park which is under construction.  Thank you Paul for your contribution to improving dog life in Cranberry Township.

The CACP Committee, now Cranberry K9 Connection Committee, with feedback from the community and support of the Parks & Recreation Department, partnered with local Boy Scout, Nick Scelsi to construct two A-frame/Tunnel combination obstacles for each large dog area the dogs to enjoy.  Construction began Spring 2018 and was completed Fall 2019.


We welcome any other partnerships for additional obstacles and amenities.

Other obstacles being considered are:

Tunnel: Obstacle for the dog to run through. Probably 6-8 feet in length, the diameter (height of the tunnel) will be large enough for all size dogs to safely run through.


Jump(s): One to two obstacles for the dog to jump over. Jump obstacles would be designed with heights appropriate for small, medium, and large dogs.


Hoop(s): One to two hoop obstacles for the dog to jump through. The diameter and height of the hoop obstacles would be appropriate for small, medium, and large dogs.


Platform/Pause Station: A raised square platform, roughly 3 feet by 3 feet square, raised 18 - 24 inches from the ground.


A-Frame: Composed of two walkways (each roughly 2 feet wide and 6-8 feet in length) placed lengthwise, running from the ground to a peak 3 to 4 feet high. The dog will run up one side to the peak then down the other side.


Balance Beam: Roughly 18 inches wide, 18 to 24 level inches off the ground, and 6-8 feet in length.


Photos can be found HERE

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