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Dog Park Alerts: 


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Effective immediately to further reinforcement of the social distancing, Cranberry Township has closed all tennis, pickleball, basketball and athletic fields as well as the dog park.  All courts are being locked and equipment is being adjusted to render useless.  All fields have “Field Closure” signs on them.


Winter park gate restrictions will remain in effect to provide safe areas from vehicles for walkers and bicyclist.


The following park bathrooms remain open, as they normally do throughout the Winter

  • Graham Sports Courts Bathroom

  • There is a portable bathroom by the trail connection near the football/lacrosse campus

  • Community Park Kid’s Castle Bathroom

  • Community Park Bathrooms near the tennis courts

  • North Boundary Soccer Field Bathroom

  • North Boundary Playground Bathroom


All other bathrooms to remain winterized as they normally would be through mid-April due to fear of damage from freezing.  These will be slowly opened throughout mid to late April.


Currently we are not closing playgrounds, but we are imploring that these are used with extreme caution and abide by social distancing.  We also encourage bringing and utilizing  sanitation wipes.



Kennel Cough in Dogs:

Kennel cough is a condition that affects the upper respiratory tract of dogs and is characterized by the inflammation of the trachea and bronchi.

While kennel cough may sound like a horrific condition, it’s not actually as terrible as most dog owners assume. However, the effects of the condition can vary depending on each individual dog. For this reason, you may want to avoid your dog catching the illness if possible. To do this, you need to understand where the name comes from.

More information on Kennel Cough can be found at this attached link:  https://trupanion.com/pet-care/kennel-cough